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Bow Wow Clowned For Having A Dozen Women On Tiny Boat, Decides To Upgrade

Bow Wow Shadmoss
Bow Wow

Growing Up Hip Hop star Bow Wow is being through under the bus, or should we say boat, following a recent clip he uploaded to his Instagram account.

In the clip, Bow Wow and another male can be seen dancing and vibing with a boatful of beautiful females as the craft pulls beside a camera. From the music being played (Chris Brown and Young Thug’s “Go Crazy) it can be assumed that the patrons were having a party on the sea.

“How can i not smile everyday!” Bow Wow questioned in the caption before alerting fans about the new season of Guhhatl.

A caption filled with positive undertones was still not enough to give Bow Wow a free pass from the trolling he received for the size of the boat he decided to party on.

“Boat LOOKS like IT’S about 2 capsize!!!” commented one IG user below the video. Which led to the rapper explaining that there was indeed a larger boat, and the small craft was simply for pickups.

“this is the boat that came with the 100 footer i chartered,” said Bow Wow. “You take this to pick up people. But i mean… you wouldnt know … you gotta talk ya pocket size. Just watch me live and enjoy my brother.”

Bow Wow has been a favorite of trolls for a few years now, and as such, this latest attack doesn’t surprise many. Twitter trolls are having a hard time putting their trust in the explanation he has offered since there were numerous memes of the time he allegedly shared that he was boarding a private jet via Instagram when he was actually flying commercial.

You can check out a couple of the memes below.