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Dancehall Star Laa Lee’s New Video “Fat Girls Matter” Went Viral

Laa Lee

“Fat Girls Matter” too says Laa Lee.

Jamaican entertainer Laa Lee has carved out quite a niche for himself by providing witty and bubbly songs for his fans to enjoy. He’s back with yet another track equipped with that ever needed comic relief titled, “Fat Girls Matter.” The catchy chorus and easy to following rhyming pattern help to bring across the bigger and ever-present issue of body shaming. Lee stands firmly behind his love for women who sport a more curvaceous and voluptuous body type. Along with confessing his love for this sometimes shunned group, he also goes into full detail to explain just why he adores them.

The music video takes this one to  a whole other level through some stellar work from two of Jamaica’s newest social media personalities, “Cuz” and “June.” The unscripted dialogue between the two leads to belly grabbing laughter. Two of the standout lines include June’s questions about who Cuz desires. “Who yuh want ih whale or ih tail,” she queries as she compares herself to another woman who could be classified as slim.  As for Cuz, he’s never been shy to say “Fatty Me Luv Yuh.”

“If mi love June aka Barbie the original. Fuller confidence fullest fluffy and fabulous,” commented one viewer below the Youtube upload.

The song is produced by Ireland Records and is doing well with over 185,139 views since Jan 5. It currently sits at number 6 on the local Youtube Trending Chart.