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Drake & Meek Mill Spotted Together In The Bahamas Shooting Music Video

Meek Mill and Drake
Meek Mill and Drake

Drake and Meek Mill might have some new music on the way.

It’s public knowledge that Meek Mill and Drake once shared no love for each other. That feud escalated to the point that Drake recorded the diss record, “Back To Back,” which he got a Grammy nomination for. Since then, they’ve made peace publically and have performed together.

It seems their friendship continues into 2021 as Akademiks has reported that Meek and Drake recently met up in the Bahamas to film a new music video. The information hasn’t been confirmed, but according to Akademiks, the duo shot a music video, which may be a part of Meek Mill’s next project. According to him, Meek is receiving “another Drake stimmy.”

“I heard Drake and Meek in Bahamas shooting a music video…hmmm. Heard that content will soon fwd,” he posted on Twitter. In a follow-up Tweet, he said, “I had $5K on Meek not selling 200K but now hearing that he might get another Drake stimmy.. sh*t I’m cancellin that bet lol. Aubrey saves every1.”

Moments ago, one of his counterparts, Charlamagne Tha God, said that he believed the Drake era was done. However, from Akademiks’ comments, it would seem that Drake’s touch is still very much a golden one. At that time, Charlamagne said, “Radio, they haven’t caught up to what’s actually going on in the streets yet. They haven’t change the temperature. So, it still feels like we’re in a Drake Era—I don’t think we’ve been in the Drake era for the last two-three years,”

Drake is also currently gearing up for the release of his new album, “Certified Lover Boy,” which many fans are hoping will drop this month. Even though he hinted last year that the date should be January, he may face delays because of Covid 19.