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DaBaby Calls Himself And Lil Wayne “Best Rappers Alive”

Are DaBaby and Lil Wayne the Best Rappers Alive?

Fans of DaBaby are familiar with his extreme confidence. He’s definitely never been one to hide all that he’s achieved, so far, like his stockpile of plaques, including Billboard chart placements as well as his Grammy Award nominations. He’s done all of this in a relatively short career. His latest claims though may be his most outlandish. In the studio over the weekend, while working with Lil Wayne, he claimed that he and Weezy are the best rappers in the game to date.

Using Instagram to share his thoughts, he said, “Best rappers alive” alongside pictures of himself and Wayne at Wayne’s Miami luxe studio.

Lil Wayne first joined DaBaby in 2020 when the pair jumped on Jack Harlow’s “WHATS POPPIN” remix. Their efforts were rewarded with a No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Lil Wayne has always expressed his interest in helping the younger generation learn more about the genre. He’s been very vocal about sharing his knowledge as well. Recently he shared those thoughts during an interview with Brett Berish for Bumbu on Friday, December 18, 2020.

He explained why he feels drawn to help out. “Before I stepped into it, they had music everyone looked a certain way and everyone did a certain thing.” He added: “Look at me, now look at music. They all look like me. I love it.”

He went on to say that while he admired that the younger rappers were trying to carve out their own niche they had little understanding of how he became successful and what it truly takes.

“None of them trying to be like me. They’re gonna get some tattoos in they face, a grill, they might put Lil on the front of their names or Baby after it, but they don’t sound nothing like me, they haven’t been through what I’ve been through or they’re not from where I’m from.”

DaBaby has also been trying to do his part to help out others in the genre, especially those from North Carolina. He has a number of rappers on his Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment roster. Whether or not he and Lil Wayne are the greatest in the game is still highly debatable.