Bobby Shmurda Could Be Released From Prison 10 Months Earlier Than Expected

Bobby Shmurda may be out as soon as next month!

New York rapper Bobby Shmurda was recently denied parole, and it left many fans demoralized and rid of any hope of seeing the rapper any time soon. In a turn of events, the “Hot Ni**a” who was expected to be released later this year in December, has reportedly been granted a conditional release from prison.

Bobby was sentenced to seven years behind bars after pleading guilty to gang conspiracy, drug and gun charges in September 2016. The rapper took a plea deal to help his friend Rowdy Rebel get the same amount of time instead of lobbying for less time by testifying against him. Rebel was released late last year as a result. Bobby Shmurda became eligible for parole last year as well, but it was not granted by the board because of his involvement in fights, drug possession, and other violations while serving his time. According to the new report, the rapper’s conditional release will see him out by next month.

No Jumper made the announcement on Twitter writing, “Updated records show Bobby Shmurda could be out of prison as early as February 23.” Fans are rejoicing after news of the rapper’s imminent freedom surfaced online. Amid the recent defeat, the news comes as a welcomed surprise. A conditional release usually means the convict will continue to live by restrictions though they will be discharged from the detention center. Similar to house arrest, Bobby Shmurda will be under legal supervision until his full sentence time has elapsed. The good news is he will be out almost a year sooner than expected.

If all goes well, Bobby Shmurda will be out in a matter of weeks. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and our eyes peeled for more on this developing story.