Demarco Says His Dancehall Classic “I Love My Life” Is Breakup Anthem About Ex-Wife

Demarco revealed the back story behind his classic dancehall hit, “I Love My Life.”

Dancehall has had few songs with longstanding motivational value like Demarco’s ‘I love my Life’. Every dancehall party will have the feel-good song playing but what is an inspirational anthem is actually a diss track Demarco wrote for his ex-wife and his mother-in-law in what was a stressful period in his life. While speaking on the Wizology Show live on Instagram on Tuesday night, he said the song was a defiant reaction to the stress he faced with his relationship.

“A trace mi did a trace. My ex-wife supposed to have baby pon my birthday, mi son weh name River, dem time deh mi live inna Atlanta, 2010. The day before my birthday mi and har kick off, she gone a har mada…Mi gone a har mada house she seh she don’t know where she is… mi stress out, mi cya find har, mi drive up and down everywhere, rain a fall, bag a tings.”

The Deejay said he was so stressed out by the situation that he decided to return to Jamaica for his birthday. The lyrics to the song came to be while he was celebrating his birthday. “If you listen to the verse, ‘make a change, don’t make nobody stress you, don’t mek no blood pressure mek your life lef you. Never you hurt a soul unless yuh haffi defen’ yourself if dem try test you. Thank God fi mi life, yes. Me wake up this morning and alive, yes. Mek dem gwaan judge, nobody nuh perfect, and Father God alone bring brightness. If yuh nuh like wha mi say, go find the lord. Mi nuh have time fi the war, cause times so hard…Dem nah mad me, me nah go no psych wad, or go join the morgue’.

Demarco said, “mi siddung and create the rhythm pon mi birthday and mi a she ‘you know wah, mi stress out but a mi birthday, mi love my life’… and mi sing out mi stress,” he said.

The Deejay joked that people enjoy the song with their own individual interpretation, “cuss me a cus out people.” The song has been widely successful, receiving more than seven (7) million streams on Spotify and around 10 million views on YouTube.

Demarco Opens Up About Breakout Hit “Fallen Soldiers”

Meanwhile, the artiste spoke about the success he received from his breakout hit Fallen Soldiers which he wanted to do with Elephant Man but the producer disapproved. “mi nah tell nuh lie, Elephant Man a mi G but maybe if Elephant did deh pon the song it wouldn’t buss.”

He added that the song became so popular, he was surprised at the amount of money that was coming in from dubs alone! “Di man dem start tek up the song and play it at every nine night till it start play inna di church, it start lay inna di hearse dem. Mi never know she mi coulda see so much money. When mi buss mi a see a JMD $1 million everyday offa dub enuh.” He added that the reason he was able to make so much money is also because he was recording himself.

Demarco now resides in Atlanta and is signed to Akon’s label – EnTREEGRECORDS/KONLIVE Record label.