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Cardi B Hastily Stopped “WAP” After Seeing Daughter Kulture

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B basically pranced on her phone to stop “WAP” from playing when her two-year-old daughter, Kulture, showed up.

The rapper may be a Billboard-topping superstar, but she is a mom first. While it’s hard to believe that there is any human on this earth that has not come in earshot of the Grammy Award-winner’s smash hit “WAP,” Cardi is at least still doing her part to protect her innocent toddler from expletives.

The mom of one was entertaining on Instagram with the spicy track blasting through her speakers at home. As the rapper seductively mouthed the words to the song in true Cardi B-fashion while sipping Corona, baby Kulture crashed the party. Like any mom would be expected to, Cardi B franticly grabbed her phone to pause the track and cried out “no no no!” The hilarious moment left many fans to wonder if she actually manages to effectively keep all of this away from her daughter, Kulture.

Based on her reaction when she saw that her daughter had entered the room, Cardi B can snap back into mom mode on cue, no matter how deep she gets into the raunchy verses of her explicit tracks. She actually seemed genuinely traumatized as she scattered to cut the track when she saw her daughter. Perhaps even more so at the sight of Kulture bouncing to it as soon as she heard the bass thumping.

The “WAP” rapper was sexing it up with her multi-colored wig and yellow and white bodysuit, but she suddenly had a more conservative appeal the moment she stopped swaying her hips and took a sip of lager from her wine glass. As Cardi is revered for her tricks, tips, and hacks, she would probably call this the “mami to mommy real quick.” Someone get this woman another role in a movie.

Cardi B may do it for the culture, but at the end of the day, it’s Kulture who comes first.