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Lil Pump MAGA Supporting Anti-Masker Is Defiant After JetBlue Ban, Says COVID-19 is Fake

Lil Pump

Lil Pump is defiant despite JetBlue banning him for life for his refusal to wear a mask.

Before the year closes off, yet another celebrity coronavirus conspiracy theorist has been identified. Lil Pump, who shot into the limelight earlier this year when he showed support for outgoing president Donald Trump had been banned from flying on JetBlue airways. The ban comes after he refused to wear a mask during a flight last Sunday, December 27.

According to reports, the 20-year-old rapper, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, “became verbally abusive with crew members” after he was asked on numerous occasions to comply with the airline’s mask policy. Like many other airlines in the US, a person has to wear a mask throughout the duration of a flight. A company spokesperson, Derek Dombrowski, confirmed the incident took place and added that “his return reservation was canceled and he is no longer welcome to fly on JetBlue.” The representative added that this was because the safety of all customers and crew members is JetBlue’s first priority.

Lil Pump responded to the airline using his Instagram account where he stated, “All of 2020, ’21, I ain’t wearing no mask. I ain’t gotta wear no f**king mask, b***h. Corona’s fake. Bye.” However, he later deleted the video. The “Gucci Gang” singer was supposed to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles. This isn’t his first run-in with an airline as in 2018, he was stopped from taking a flight after the airline complained that his baggage smelled of a “strong odour of weed.”

Lil Pump gave his fans quite a shock when he appeared with Donald Trump at his final campaign rally in Michigan. He used the platform to declare his loyalty and the fact that he would be voting for Trump. Since then, Lil Pump has been battling with everyone who opposed his decision. He recently went after Eminem. In an Instagram story, he said, “F**k Eminem. You is lame as hell, ain’t nobody listening to your old ass. You lame as f**k, b***h! I woke up on bulls*it today, I’m back on my f**k sh*t.” The attack was seemingly unprompted.