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J. Cole Announces ‘The Fall Off’ Mixtape Ahead Of New Album & Retirement

J. Cole announced he’s planning to release “The Fall Off” mixtape ahead of his new album and possible retirement from rap.

Following J. Cole’s surprise announcement via Instagram yesterday, December 29, of how he’s going to release new music, fans have been speculating that he’s getting ready to hang up his gloves. Many suspects that “The Fall Off” may be his last album and part of a retirement plan.

While they were happy that Cole revealed that he has multiple projects which he is pursuing, many felt that the caption of the post is him hinting that he’s going to make his exit from the genre. It certainly has raised eyebrows. He said, “I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram…”

He makes the post alongside a photo with a list titled “The Fall Off Era.” Under the title, there is a list including the words “Features” and “ROTD3,” which are crossed out, suggesting that these projects are done. Under these names, he lists “The Off Season,” “It’s a Boy,” and “The Fall Off,” which could mean these are the last three albums he intends to work on.

“The Fall Off” is not a new idea from Cole, who first revealed it when it featured as the final track of his most recent album KOD back in 2018. Fans were expecting new music from him this year, but he revealed that the coronavirus delayed the progress of that album. He’s released two singles this year called “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice.”

Fans commenting on the post demanded answers, and others expressed shock at what they had interpreted to be the artist’s last few albums. This fan said, “What the f*&k does this mean Cole,” this fan said, “WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN,” and another fan added, “We aint gonna let you scram wym lol.” He’s holding his cards close to his chest so we’ll all just have to wait and see.