Intence “Light Up” The Place With New Visual

Intence has teamed up with Zimi Entertainment for yet another release this year. This time he delivers a brand new track titled “Light Up,” which is already holding the #14 spot on the local Youtube trending list hours after its release.

“Light Up” is definitely not your ordinary Intence track. The “Yeng Badness” artiste seemingly tries his hand at a new flow and vocal delivery on this one. The new stuff isn’t plastered all over the track but cleverly injected whenever the artiste wants to provide a certain feeling. Intence still manages to show up from a lyrical standpoint, which didn’t go unnoticed by fellow co-worker Govana.

The Strikeforce leader stepped into the comment section below a promotional post on Intence’s page and commented a line while giving Intence his approval. “Nuh pubG… did tell yuh yaah guh dweet doh,” wrote Govana along with a smiling emoji. Intence responded by saying, ” Yuh knw mi Gad.”

Like just about every other Intence track, “Light Up” also comes with some form of visual representation. Shot By Deth handled the cameras on this one, but keeps it relatively simple and chill, at least in reference to his level of artistry. The scenes used in the final upload are predominantly from a get together that takes place indoors, along with the contrast of Intence stepping through the streets with a small entourage.

You can check out all that Intence has to say below.