Lady Saw ‘Marion Hall’ Announces Dancehall Return Amid RT Boss & Mr. Vegas Beef

Lady Saw marion hall
Lady Saw aka marion hall

Lady Saw, who now goes by the name Marion Hall, has announced her return to dancehall amid a recent feud with RT Boss and Mr. Vegas.

Ever since Minister Marion Hall decided to follow a new path and turn away from dancehall, fans have secretly been hoping for her return. They may get a little bit of a taste of the old Lady Saw as rumors have begun to float around that she intends to release a diss track to address claims made by spiritual advisor Nardo “RT Boss” Smith. The self-proclaimed spiritual healer and advisor made quite a splash last week after he said that he had been working with Spice for many years to help her become the Queen of Dancehall. While leveling his accusations, he also mentioned Lady Saw and said, “Member Lady Saw, me put on heat pon Lady Saw cause a Lady Saw fuss start do obeah so me did affi put on heat pon Lady Saw make she run.”

Minister Hall almost immediately shot back at RT Boss. She said, “Nobody couldn’t run me out a dancehall, cause you know nobody never bad like me right.” She added, “I behaved as though she was my brother, I behaved as though she was my friend.” Now it seems Hall is getting more serious about her reply to RT Boss. She shared a video of herself in the studio, which could just be her working on new gospel music, but many believe she’s crafting a diss track to address the rumors spread by RT Boss.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, she is heard singing, “tell the enemy don’t worry bout me.” She also said that when one sees a sleeping lion, they should let it be. She continued on to say “Yu see how mi give up di stage an tek up di pulpit? Wah unu go trouble di church lady fah?”

One of her counterparts, Mr. Vegas, believes that she is just using dancehall and that if she has stayed away since 2015, she really has no reason to come back now. Vegas has long called for Hall’s return, and when his pleas went on deaf ears, he held a musical funeral for Lady Saw. He took umbrage at the fact that she would be releasing a diss track, especially after she called the genre “devil music.”

He shared his thoughts on the matter during an Instagram Live video.

“Unno Bible seh avoid foolish controversies, it mean nuh tek part inna it. How the obeah man call smaddi weh dead name and people come a defend the dead?… The person is no longer alive, that spirit is dead and unno come outta church come a defend dead spirit.”

Vegas added that he thinks Hall is only returning because dancehall has become much more lucrative for women. “After unno cuss dancehall and talk bout dancehall a Devil music and unno see the likkle sister dem and the likkle Shenseea and Jada Kingdom dem and dem a run di place…unno a try screechie back inna dancehall come a talk bout unno ‘soon alright’… When yuh have Jesus everything is alright. Unno cya trick nobody bout yah again.”

He continued on to say that maybe Hall was facing financial difficulties and wanted to use this opportunity to jump back in the dancehall space. “We nah fi stop sing dancehall music fi praise God. But unno come come tell people seh dancehall music a devil music and unno gone pon di other side but one likkle man come call dead spirit name and unno run come back a talk bout unno ‘soon alright,’” he added.

Vegas seemed visibly upset with Hall’s decision and added that if it were him facing similar scenarios, fans would not be as forgiving. His fans seemed to agree with his sentiments. This fan said, “Those who are of the Truth embrace the Truth!” and this one added, “Preach pastor point well taken..I agree with you..don’t go on their level. Don’t answer them…..straight facts,” and this fan said, “You’re speaking the truth, and the truth is only an offense to wrong doers!”

It seems Marion Hall heard Mr. Vegas loud and clear because not only did she went back into the studio, but she’s now announcing a possible return to dancehall to save souls. She is also making it clear that she is not returning as Lady Saw.

“As soon as they hear, ‘Mi soon alright, mi soon alright’ them say, ‘She gone back to being to Lady Saw, oh She resurrect Lady Saw’ – no no no,” Hall said during her Livestream ceremony on Sunday.

“Lady Saw spirit is dead but the spirit of the Lord is upon me so if I shout with a big voice like Lady Saw is it a problem?” Marion Hall continues. “It was not a problem when I was shouting for the devil and I was giving the devil praise… I have a voice. God gave me this voice, God gave me a talent, I was just using it the wrong way singing all kinds of explicit songs but now I can come back into the dancehall and tear up some demons and cast out some spirits that don’t belong in there.”

Lady Saw says she’s not returning to dancehall for the money and will continue to preach all will dropping some songs.

If I have to go among the wolves, that is where I’m going… I’m not going in dancehall for money. I’m not going in there for the crown. I’m still there preaching but I’m going to do some songs.