Shenseea Drops New Song “Upset” Produced By Chimney Records

Shenseea drops Jordan Chimney-produced single “Upset.”

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has a late entry on Chimney Records’ newest project, Style A Style Riddim. Her track titled “Upset” was previewed on her Instagram page during the heights of the saga between Spice and her reader man Nardo ‘RT Boss‘ Smith. According to Smith, he was the one who advised Spice not to collaborate with Shenseea. He has since labeled the advice as one of his rare missteps in his career as a spiritual advisor and is now proclaiming that Shenseea will win a Grammy Award in the near future.

We are not sure if “Upset” will be the track that secures that win. However, it’s definitely one that will help to garner a whole lot more respect for Shen and her abilities as a world-class deejay.

“Them badmind, poor yuh / You no like me and me neven know you / Fulla bad spirit like duppy grow yuh / Me ago strive and show yuh,” Shenseea sings.

As the above lyrics state, the track is the deejay’s ultimate commentary against greedy and envious people. It’s also Shen and her team’s way to let it be known that they are not associated with any dark arts. We would not be surprised if a music video is done for the song, with a theme that revolves around said topic.

For now, you can check out the audio for “Upset” below.