Alkaline and Stalk Ashley Drops “Incognito” Music Video

Alkaline and Stalk Ashley stars in the brand new music video for their collaborative effort “Incognito.”

The single is only the second female collaboration for Alkaline, with the first being “Only Thing Mi Want” with Spice some seven years ago. Alkaline and Stalk Ashley display steamy chemistry both on track and on camera, which has forced fans to question if the two are actually an item in real life. The music video for “Incognito” starts out at a posh mansion, which is a theme Alkaline seems to be working with for his past few visuals.

The storyline opens with Alkaline and “Mad Max” making their final business transaction. Mad Max is clearly not pleased, but Alka walks off smiling. The Vendetta Boss gets more to smile about when his eyes stumble upon the lovely daughter of Mad Max, played by Stalk Ashley.

While the two do not connect on that meeting, they eventually link up. The “Young” singer simply wants to have fun, and there is much evidence of that potent element in the Jerrell Lamar-directed music video. As for fans and their beliefs, the following comment is a strong representation of how many feel about Alkaline and Stalk Ashley.

“Alkaline and Stalk Ashely would have beautiful kids together. Detta girls please dont kill me I’m just saying.”

You can check out the visuals for “Incognito” below.