Teejay Apologizes For Offending St. Lucians With This S

Teejay has apologized for the inflammatory comments that he made, which brought St. Lucia’s economy into the limelight. Teejay was addressing lazy men and women on Instagram, advising them to get a job when he said, “Hey bwoy, some a unuh b*&*bo**le bwoy and gyal need fi go look wuk enuh. Unuh get up everyday pon man name and unuh nuh own nutten inna life. Some a unuh gyal shape like St Lucia economy.”

He added, “Unuh go look wuk and come off a people bl**dc*%*t name. As mawning light unuh gone pon roadside a drink beer and smoke weed. Find supm do wid unuh life fi 2021,” he said.

The post was made on October 29, and seemingly his use of St. Lucia’s economy went unnoticed, but as it turns out, St. Lucians took offense at his reference. Just about two months later, he has issued a formal apology through another video on Instagram. He added the caption, “#StLucia nuff big up.”

He started the video with a heartfelt apology. “St Lucia, St Lucia. Just wanna say my apologies straight from mi heart, pon the name a God, pon di name a mi children. Only love, only music,” he said.

He also took the time to explain where his comments were coming from and that he did not mean to offend anyone.

“We a entertainer, so we entertain people. We laugh, we talk about serious things and make joke at it cause we have life and life is the greatest thing. So, mi just waa say only love. Love only, St Lucia, my people. And mi respect unuh 1,000, one billion times. Mi nuh want unuh tek dat ting too serious.” He closed off the short video with an acapella version of “From Rags To Riches.” The video has already been viewed over 45,000 times and it seems all is forgiven.