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Playboi Carti Confirms Kid Cudi Is Feature on “Kid Cudi” Leaked Song

Turns out Kid Cudi will be on Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red, due on Christmas Day.

Playboi Carti’s track “Kid Cudi,” also known as “Pissy Pamper,” was leaked online well over a year ago, but we are finally getting confirmation that the actual Kid Cudi is indeed featured on the album version of the song. Carti’s highly anticipated album, Whole Lotta Red, is set to drop by the end of this week, and the rapper amped up even more hype for the project when he took to Twitter on Tuesday, December 22nd, to post a clip of himself alongside Kid Cudi in the studio as Cudi’s verse from the leaked track plays in the background.

“kID cUDI oN kID cUDI,” he captioned the post.

Cudi’s verse on the track is already getting a lot of attention, adding to the momentum he is still enjoying from his latest album, Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Carti’s new album has also generated a lot of excitement with announcements of features from Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. This Kid Cudi revelation is just the icing on the cake for a project that is expected to do very well upon its release.

In preparation for his new album, Playboi Carti recently shared a brand-new merch collection with fans. The line has been earning a lot of attention for its blatantly satanic themes, including pentagrams and upside-down crosses. The symbols have been even more confusing for fans considering Kanye West is said to be an executive producer on the new project and identifies as a gospel artist and passionately Christian man, even refusing to cuss in his most recent work. However, Carti seems to be drawing this aesthetic from his love for vampires as well as a reference to the punk rock scene of the 1970s. It’s unlikely Kanye will have a problem with it, as long as the album is a hit.