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Twitter Slammed T.I. For Calling Time Spent With His Daughters ‘Thot Prevention Hours’

Rapper T.I can’t seem to stop saying controversial things as a parent. In a new video, the rapper says the time a father spends with his daughter is ‘thot prevention hours.”

Speaking on his ExpediTIously podcast while sitting down with fellow rapper 21 Savage as they spoke of a range of topics including parenting and the different parenting styles required to raise boys and girls.

T.I. did acknowledge that women face more issues and are treated unfairly from the time they are born to which 21 Savage agreed by saying that he’s naturally overprotective of his daughter compared to his son- “cause sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. butted in.

However, 21 Savage explained that he is overprotective of his daughter because “we know how treat women [sic].” He added that this is because women need to know the difference between real love and other pretensions – “I want her to know how to feel real love so she could know how to discern the difference,” he said.

In his eyes, though, T.I. views daddy-daughter time differently. He refers to it as “thot prevention hours. “me and lil Duval call it ‘thot prevention hours,’ you gotta put in them thot prevention hours, keep your daughter off the pole.”

He continued, “so, you speding time going to daddy/ daughter dances and you’re taking them trips where it’s just you and her, those are thot prevention hours that you’re putting in. You got to do that! You a—don’t do tht, well her a—gon be somewhere in Magic City man…trying to figure it out.”

TIP has been ridiculed for his disclosure that he takes his daughter Deyjah Harris for gynecologist checkups, which also involves him knowing whether her virginity is intact or not. His daughter later said their relationship is on the mend following his statements.