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G Herbo Proclaims Innocence In “Statement” Music Video Amid Fraud Case

Rapper G Herbo is raising eyebrows following the release of a song that proclaims his innocence in the ongoing federal fraud charges against him.

G Herbo, who is released on bail conditions, released the song at midnight on December 18 to his YouTube channel, which has one million followers. Within the hours, the song climbed past 100k views as the rapper says allegations of scamming are a lie and that he has worked very hard for the lifestyle he has.

“Ask about me I ain’t never been a fraud, I work hard from the start. In the city I’m a God. Mother***er, if you know you know, never been no phony though, rolies for my homies though.”

The rapper says, “let’s talk about them jets, let’s talk about Jamaica,” as he directly addressed the charge that he and his colleagues have been using stolen identifications to pay for private jets, expensive dogs, a Jamaican villa, and more.

The rapper, along with several others, was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and identity theft. G Herbo was referred to as the ring leader of the US $1.5 million fraud case. He also faces wire fraud charges.

According to the deposition, the authorities have been watching the rapper and cohorts for over three years. It’s alleged that they used a range of communication methods, including text messages, social media messages, and emails to share account information bought on the dark web as part of their activities to live their lavish lifestyle.

In the song, G Herbo speaks about his journey “in Cali thinking about them pissy hallways” he came from. He added that he couldn’t say what he wanted to say, but before fame, everybody knew his name. He also said he spent U$130k in bond to secure his bail – “heard they looking for e/ I’m like I’m on the way! Bond money know I’m straight/ I spent 130k.”

The rapper was recently named in Forbes’ 30 under 30 influential persons. His net worth is reported to be U$ 3 million.