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Soulja Boy Claims He Made History On Instagram As First Rapper To Do This

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is claiming another historical moment in hip hop.

Soulja Boy’s antics make it easy for his critics to cast their doubt on his talents and abilities to pioneer new trends in the industry. Yet, many have listed the rapper as one of the founding fathers of the strategies, so many rappers are now using to promote their work online. These include acts many now take for granted, such as promoting their music on Youtube and introducing internet dance crazes through his hit single “Crank That (Soulja Boy.)

In October, the rapper tweeted, “I really changed the whole music industry. That’s crazy.”

Big Draco is seemingly at the forefront of another major break, and it’s right up his alley. According to the rapper, he is the first rapper on Instagram to be equipped with a badge on his LIVE sessions that will allow him to accept donations from his viewers.

“I’m the first rapper with the badges,” he proclaimed. “Y’all know they like to take my swag. Watch somebody else gon’ come on like, ‘Oh we been had badges.’ I’m the first rapper with the badges, wassup? Let me know what’s going on. Who had them before me?”

It should be interesting to see which other rapper starts to request donations through the aforementioned badge.

Soulja Boy is not the most prolific rapper when it comes to his releases, that did not stop him from clocking a cool 157 Million Spotify streams for 2020. He shared his stats while planning to do better next year.

“I love y’all. Next year I’m going for a billion!! Swag 3 out now,” he said while promoting his 16-track mixtape, which was released just last month.