D’Angel Condemns Violence Against Women & Children In PSA

D’Angel speak out against violence against women.

Majah Hype’s recent nasty breakup with his ex-fiance Kirby has sparked debate in the Dancehall world about how women are treated. Kirby alleged that she was abused physically, mentally and emotionally during her relationship with the Caribbean comedian. Majah has since denied the allegations causing fans to be split over who they actually believe.

D’Angel has taken the opportunity to speak out about violence against women. It’s something that she has been an advocate of for a long time now. She used her Instagram account to share her message. She captioned a short video clip, “I’ve had it! Only cowards abuse woman. Start making a change. Speak up! Get help “We Can Survive” scroll left full video available on YouTube @dangelmusic…please share you might save someone today.”

She made reference to her song “We Can Survive”, which she sang about three years ago. The lyrics are about women empowerment and helping women to find the strength to love themselves. In her video on Instagram, she is seen wearing a “Stop the violence against women and children” T-shirt. She said, “Stop the violence against women and children and for all those who are suffering I’m here to encourage you that there is hope and we can survive.”

She added a message of hope as well, “For 2021, we’re looking into just making a change and making our homes happy for Christmas and just surviving against all odds. So I’m encouraging everybody who’s watching this video to stop violence against women and children.”

Her fans mostly agreed with her statements and put in their own two cents as well. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Stop the violence against women, men and children. Sometimes we forget that women also abuse men. Lets not forget them.”

“Great message but I think it’s bad timing for advocating like the this! There is a women that has asked for $50k for a lawyers fees which I feel is a insult to domestic violence women. #iamneitherside ! Women go to the police or talk to agency’s/charities that can help you.”

“Beautiful real song….women have the power to evoke change.”

Even though the incident that got the conversation going was once again following an allegedly negative situation, it has at least led to some positive discussion about ending the violence towards women.