Craig Butler Claims Footballer Son, Kyle Butler & His Wife Abused Him

In an interesting turn of events, Craig Butler, the father of national under-23 footballer Kyle Butler, is claiming that he has been abused by his son and his wife.

Last week, Kyle Butler took to Twitter and posted that his father has been abusive to him since he was nine (9) years old, and he has also been abusive to his mother. Kyle also posted several photos that showed that he had suffered a nasty wound, which he said was inflicted after an argument with his father during the last week of November. During the incident, the older Butler allegedly threw his hunting knife at Kyle, causing the knife to penetrate his forearm through and through.

Kyle also displayed what he said was a mark made by a cutlass that his father used to broadside him on his left upper shoulder.

On Monday, Craig Butler, through a letter released by his attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend, alleged physical abuse inflicted on him by his son Kyle and his wife, Sophia Smith-Butler.

Last week, Mrs. Butler came out in support of her son as she vaguely addressed the allegations made by her son. Kyle, on the other hand, has retained Queen’s Council Tom Tavares-Finson, Donahue Martin Jr, and Sean-Christopher Castle, attorneys-at-law.

In a statement from the office of Tavares-Finson, the Attorney-at-law said that he had been retained in relation to the matter concerning the alleged assault of Kyle Butler committed on November 30, 2020.

The letter also said that Kyle has made a complaint to the Jamaica Constabulary Force and that he “will be exhausting all legal recourse possible.”

The letter added that the St. Andrew Central Police Division is investigating the matter.