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Bow Wow Reveals Lil Wayne Dated Solange Knowles Left Fans Shook

Bow Wow claims that Lil Wayne use to bang Solange and some fans are in disbelief.

Fans reacted with shock at the disclosure that the Young Money rapper and Beyonce’s sister, Solange, dated. Speaking on ClubHouse, Bow Bow said they were secretive about the dates. Nobody knows when they dated or how long they dated for, however, it’s clear that both parties have moved as Lil Wayne is happily coupled up with his girlfriend, Denis Bidot.

The rapper and actor, while speaking about his career and moments prior to him becoming successful, said that the two used to be romantically involved in spite of the public only knowing of their affiliation as acquaintances in the music industry. Lil Wayne was featured on Solange’s single ‘Mad’ released in September 2016, which was part of her 21-track album ‘A seat at the Table’. It doesn’t seem like Bow Wow knew this was news to the public because of how casually he mentioned it.

But fans surely didn’t miss that little nugget, with many fans shocked they never knew Weezy and Solange was a thing!

Sometime in 2007, Solange debunked rumors that she was involved with Weezy after her marriage with American football player Daniel Smith, father of her son Daniel Julez, ended. At the time, her representatives said the Lil Wayne rumors were “completely unfounded.”

At least one gossip site claimed that the two dated in 2006 after allegedly meeting on the set of Destiny Child’s “Soldier” music video in 2004. The site also claimed that Weezy was the reason behind her split from ex-husband Smith in 2008.