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J. Cole Unveils New Puma Sneaker Colorway & Fans Ripped Him Over Album

J. Cole unveils his new Puma sneaker colorway, but fans want music.

Some rappers find pleasure in releasing content every couple of months. It helps them to stay paid and also keeps their fans and their labels happy. Therefore, it’s a win-win solution for all the parties involved. J. Cole is not one of those rappers. This has ultimately led to a dependent like behavior, where fans crave the arrival of the good stuff that only comes once every couple of years.

Surely there are old J. Cole classics that can get fans through the day, but there is nothing like new music. Fans of the German-born MC must have imagined that their prayers were answered earlier yesterday after seeing a popup notification that their rapper had shared something on social media. The rapper did indeed hop onto his Twitter account to make an announcement; sadly, it was not the arrival of new music.

“Ebony and Ivory. Available Friday. December 4th. DREAMER,” he wrote about his new sneaker line with the sports brand PUMA.

That tweet has since attracted nearly 2000 replies, and the majority of the responders are thrashing the rapper for doing his due diligence as an entertainer. You can view a few of the tweets below.

Last year November, J. Cole hinted that he would be releasing his highly anticipated 6th studio album, ‘The Fall Off’ in 2020. The year has been a rollercoaster ride for most entertainers. Some have still managed to release albums while others have been pushed back indefinitely, and ‘The Fall Off’ may just be among the latter.

The rapper updated his fans in July by releasing the first two songs from the album, “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice.” He also asked his fans to be patient as he worked on perfecting the album.

Do you think we’ll get a J. Cole album before the year ends?