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I Waata Debuts New Video “Clip Tall”

I Waata is locking down Youtube’s trending list with his brand new track and video “Clip Tall.”

It’s a classic I Waata flow and video for this one. The deejay keeps his rhymes as tight as he always does, giving his words and bars just a bit of breathing room during the delivery of his chorus. As the title states, “Clip Tall” is all about the sinister things that the PlayGad is up to. The artiste works closely with Intence and even has strong ties with Alkaline’s Vendetta camp. He’s putting it out there that “if you diss one you diss all.”

Iwaata promoted the track on social media by drawing reference to a shady line. “ME F**K HIM SISTA SHE SEH DEM NUH BAD,” he wrote, followed by a laughing emoji. “Unu Wah knw a who fah Sista doh,” he questioned. Some fans have hinted that the singer could be talking about Popcaan’s sister, Unruly Squid. Those assumptions have not been confirmed by the deejay, and there is strong doubt that they ever will be.

You can check out the video below to hear all that the artiste has to say on that topic and more. The song has already amassed 60,000 views on Youtube and sits at number 8 on the local trending list.