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Fat Joe Offered $10 Million To Fight 50 Cent, Defends Nate Robinson Amid Criticism

Fat Joe

Fat Joe is defending Nate Robinson amidst the retired athlete’s shocking defeat.

YouTube star Jake Paul is wallowing in bragging rights this week after his high-profile boxing match with Nate Robinson ended in a knockout at the former NBA star’s expense. While many have come down hard on the defeated athlete, Fat Joe says he doesn’t believe Nate is getting the respect that is due.

It takes a lot to get up in front of millions of people to spar for their entertainment, and Joe highlighted that recently when he sat down for a virtual interview with singer Mya. Before he began, the hip-hop music veteran spoke briefly on the feedback towards Nate Robinson since the humiliating loss.

“I’m talking about my brother Nate Robinson. How many of you would have the heart to get in the ring at a Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight and fight one-on-one against another guy,” Joe asked. “And so, yeah, he caught the L. But it’s so much heart of a lion to go in there and fight and I don’t think people are giving him the respect they should. And then a lot of people on social media, meaning you, just like to talk sh*t. Basically, you wouldn’t do the sh*t yourself.”

Fat Joe went on to share that he even once turned down a multimillion-dollar prize to fight 50 Cent and spoke out against bashing entertainers. “I wouldn’t do it. When I had beef with 50 Cent, people were, like, fake offering me $10 million, $5 million, to go fight 50 one-on-one,” he continued. “I’m not scared of 50. I’d fight him for free half the time! But to get knocked out on TV, it’s tough and I don’t think we’re giving [Nate] his respect. He got knocked out, I get it. It was explosive, it was crazy. I get it. But you can’t keep trying to kill our people that got the courage to entertain us.”

Do you agree that Nate Robinson is being deprived of the respect he deserves?