Bounty Killer Opens Up About Being Hurt When D’Angel Left Him For Beenie Man

D Angel Bounty Beenie
D Angel, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man

Bounty Killer says he was deeply hurt when D’Angel left him to be with his arch rival at the time, Beenie Man.

While sitting down with Spice on her weekly talk show Spice it Up, the Poor People Governor shared a side of himself many have never seen. Bounty Killer explains that while he is a rude boy in dancehall, he is still a human who feels the same pains as others when it comes to love and disappointments in relationships.

One such instance was the hurt he felt over D’Angel’s betrayal.

“Even with whatever relationship with D’Angel and Beenie, people never know that did hurt me. Mi never cry tears. Mi did deh with a woman for deven (7) years and she get up and deh wid u arch rival, it must hurt yuh. It did hurt Bounty but Bounty didn’t cry no tears but Bounty did ‘hurt mi nuh robot, me a human being,” the Artiste emotionally said. He added though he never let it “conquer him or made him broke down but it made him vex.”

Beenie Man and D’Angel

Bounty Killer added that even though he was a rude boy, it didn’t change that he was capable of being romantic and loving.

“Badman have fi dem way of making love. Might not be that traditional type of love but we have our bad boy rude boy way of showing tenderness and compassion. You have to do that to really connect with the female gender.”

Killer says he is not the type to chase after women who do not like him in return.

In statements made last year, D’Angel said that the relationship with Bounty Killer deteriorated as he didn’t support her deejay career. He didn’t want his woman in the grimy male-dominated dancehall space.