Jah Cure Sends Stylo G Words Of Encouragement Amid Beef With Vybz Kartel & Lisa Mercedez

Jah Cure is sending words of encouragement to British artist Stylo G as he appears to be caught in beef from several sides, including with his baby mother and an artiste from London who has released a #toiletpaper diss song targeted at Stylo G.

The artiste has been caught up in drama with his baby mother, Lisa Mercedez, over the past weeks, who has called him a dead beat father for not wanting to take care of his daughter.

Lisa Mercedez also released a diss song for Stylo G. The song features Vybz Kartel, who Mercedez claims to be her new man even though the two of them have never met personally. The song outlines her regrets for being with Stylo G and calling him a “pu**y.”

Stylo G has been getting encouragement from other artistes in the fraternity. On Saturday (Nov 28), Jah Cure said he loved Stylo’s style of music.

“So Stylo mek me tell you this, I can tell you how much Dem a anuh Gyalis go put it down, a mi favourite song, Dumplin’, he said.

Jah Cure, who is a Billboard chart-topping artiste and a Grammy nominee, says Stylo G has a unique sound that isn’t found anywhere else in the dancehall space.

“Stylo G mi love your song dem, Mi love how yuh deejay. Yuh deejay a one kinda way, Yuh have yuh own uniqueness, Yuh have you own sound yuh have yuh own thing, there’s nobody who sounds like Stylo G in the business”.

Jah Cure also encouraged him not to drop off of the path. Stylo has threatened to release a diss song about his baby mother, which many of his fellow dancehall artistes have coached him not to do.

“Yute Mi Jah Cure seh so, mi nuh badmind, Just continue the path don’t drop off. Who nuh like it, tek a dive cz desso mi deh pan my live a talk my mind.”

Meanwhile, UK Artist Tuggawar is out for Stylo G as rumors spread that Lisa Mercedez has said that Stylo G gave her “batty wash.”

The artiste has been taunting Stylo G with the rumors and roasting him that Vybz Kartel, who is in jail, “tek way him baby mother.”