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Love & Hip Hop: Safaree Fans Think His Daughter Look Like Erica Mena’s Ex Rich Dollaz

Safaree Samuels is getting dragged on Twitter by fans who say his baby looks like his wife’s ex, Rich Dollaz.

It all started after Safaree Samuels posted a picture on Instagram of him and his daughter Safire Majesty. Safaree wears a beige suit, while his daughter wears a cute frilly red dress with matching headbands as she smiles at the camera. Safaree asked his followers, “does @safiremajesty look like mommy or daddy? Are my genes trash??? Did I lose the battle,” he asked.

While some fans say it was a perfect blend of both, others disagree. Many took to Instagram and Twitter to say they felt that he got a “jacket” pickney. In Jamaican parlance, this means that the baby has been pinned on Safaree, and he probably needs a DNA test to affirm paternity. One Twitter commenter said “why y’all saying Safaree baby don’t look like him. Mans Jamaican and u tryna say he got a jacket pickney.”

Some fans said he needed to go to Maury. Others said they saw a very strong resemblance to Mena’s ex, Rich Dollaz. The two are said to have dated about six years prior to Safaree and her dating. However, Dollaz, who is on Love and Hip Hop New York, along with Erica Mena and Safaree, seemed surprised that the two were dating, and things physically escalated at the season reunion. Dollaz said he felt that Safaree should have told him. During the reunion, Dollaz called Erica a ‘ho’ to which Safaree jumped to her defense.

Safaree dated for a month before announcing their engagement. The couple announced their pregnancy in February.

Some fans though, think Safire looks like Mena’s ex. One commented, “why they commenting in the shade room saying Safaree and Erica baby look like Rich Dollas.”

Another commented, “lmao why Erica baby look more like rich dollaz den Safaree.” Others asked, “Safaree baby a jacket?” Shakira said, “Safaree and Erica Mena baby look like she belong to Rich Dollaz.”

On a different note, other fans though, think that it is a stretch and that the baby has Safaree’s eyes. One fan even said that the way people are behaving in the comments is the same reason that Drake hid his baby from the world.