Majah Hype Reveals His Hospitalization Was Due To Mild Heart Attack

Many fans thought that Majah Hype, the Caribbean comedian, was hospitalized because of the coronavirus, but it turns out he actually suffered a mild heart attack. Earlier this week, Hype shared with fans that he had been hospitalized in Atlanta following an illness.

At first, he didn’t reveal what the illness was, so many fans assumed he had been struck with the deadly virus. Majah Hype kept his fans updated through Instagram and once again used the social media site to reveal what happened to him and to warn others to look out for the signs of heart distress. The comedian asked fans to pray for him while sharing a photo of himself in the hospital.

He used Instagram Live to get his appeal out. He confirmed that he had a mild heart attack and urged his fans to ensure that they take care of their health.

He explained the situation that led to the hospitalization.

“I was in the house, and I started throwing up in the kitchen and when I got up from throwing up I felt dizzy and passed out,” he said. In what must have been a concerning and scary situation for his children, he said they contacted the emergency services and requested an ambulance.

Majah Hype revealed that his kids called the ambulance and when paramedics arrived, they did an EKG and found his heart beating irregular. That’s when the decision was made to take him to the hospital.

He also shared about the ride to the hospital a conversation he had with someone asking him about his heath and he alluded to stress as the cause. “I was just telling him that I have just been stressing over a lot of things,” he said.

He added that he felt like a lot of things hadn’t been going his way, and this increased his stress levels. Hype asked those viewing the Live to try as best as they could to stop stressing. He added that stressing over a situation was simply not worth it.

“If something is stressing you out, remove it from your life. I don’t care if it’s a car, I don’t care if its a high rent bill,” he said. He also gave thanks for being alive following his harrowing ordeal, “To be here right now ad still be able to talk to you guys and still have good energy.”