Rihanna & Summer Walker Shares The True Meaning Of Thansgiving

Rihanna took timeout to send Thanksgiving wishes to her native American brothers and sisters.

For most Americans, the Federal US holiday of Thanksgiving is usually a time to come together with family and friends around a lavishly laid out feast. Sadly, this is not the same history shared by everyone occupying the land now called America.

Philanthropist and pop superstar Rihanna, and r&b princess Summer Walker, are both taking time to acknowledge and mourn the Native Americans who lost their lives, which ultimately lead to the birth of the Thanksgiving celebrations, which now take place every fourth Thursday of November.

On the evening of Thanksgiving, the “Work” singer took to her Instagram Story to pen a simple but touching reminder. “Some are celebrating today…many are in mourning,” she wrote. “Sending love to all my Native American brothers and sisters.”

The Barbadian native was first by Summer Walker, who shared a bit of history on the 700 Indian natives who were slain in 1637 by European colonists.

Kisha James of the United American Indians of New England told The Boston Globe, “We have our own story to tell in our own way.”

“Some Wampanoag ancestors did welcome pilgrims with open arms,” she added. “And what did we get in return? Genocide, the theft of our lands, slavery, and never-ending oppression.”