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The Reason Why Rapper Vic Mensa Is Sleeping On The Streets

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is once again showing that he has a heart of gold after he helped raise $15,000 and additional awareness for the homeless youth of his city.

The rapper’s act coincides with National Youth Homeless Month, but his methods to boost awareness was not the most conventional. He partnered with the SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation who joined Covenant House in Bronzeville to host a “sleep out.” Something similar to a “sleepover,” with the main difference being Vic Mensa and others occupying street sides and other areas homeless youth would sleep and spend their time. The event was live-streamed, which aided in it, raising thousands of dollars to help ease the burden often felt by the youths.

According to Chicagehomeless.org, “Unaccompanied homeless youth, ages 14 through 24, totaled 16,580.” Additional data from the website reveal that “Chicago Public Schools (CPS) reported serving 16,451 homeless students during the 2018-19 school year.”

As a way to show just how the homeless youth of Chi-town get through their day, Mensa shared some images of himself and others sharing sleeping arrangements on the streets.

“Waking up on 47th street this morning was kinda surreal,” Vic Mensa wrote in the caption. “So many of us go our whole lives in arms length distance of people living on the streets but a single night in their experience is almost unfathomable. It just made me think about days I’ve been low, depressed and tired of struggling, days when I felt glued to my bed. And it made me imagine what it would be like for an individual that feels that more than they feel anything else. Huge thanks to everyone who supported the Sleep Out and made donations, brought food or just showed up to kick it.”

The rapper has been doing a world of good since the start of the coronavirus pandemic by coordinating over 50 events to aid struggling families.

The Roc Nation artiste is best known for “U Mad” featuring Kanye West, ” Reverse” ft. G-Eazy and “OMG” with Pusha T.