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Jeezy’s Friend Who Gucci Mane Killed Pookie Loc’s Son Gets Death Threats After Verzuz

Pookie Loc’s son says he has been getting death threats after Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz show.

Following the highly anticipated Verzuz premiere earlier this week featuring two of hip hop’s biggest rivals, Jeezy and Gucci Mane, there was a general sense that wounds had been somewhat healed, and the men were ready to move on from their infamous beef.

Unfortunately, it seems that some viewers, as well as people involved in the violence that sparked the original feud between the rappers, are not ready to let the past go. Taking to social media to comment on the situation, Quint “Leftside” Ross, the self-proclaimed son of Pookie Loc, posted, “I’m getting death threats and all…let’s do it get me a new strap.”

For those who don’t remember, Pookie Loc is the Jeezy affiliate who lost his life in a shooting involving Gucci Mane. Pookie was allegedly attempting robbery at the time of the shooting, and Gucci was later cleared of all charges. Quint posted a screenshot of a direct message from one of his trolls who referenced a comment Gucci made after Verzuz, writing, “Smoking on pookie loc tonight…Mercy. Damn homie you get any help from Jeezy for sending your pops on a dummy mission”. The “mission” is a reference to persistent rumors that Jeezy sent Pookie to attempt the robbery, with some even claiming that he was setting him up.

It’s not clear if Ross believes the incident was a setup, but he clearly expected more from Jeezy when it comes to defending his father figure. Before the night ended peacefully, Gucci sent plenty of disses Jeezy’s way with his lyrics, choosing to perform the song “The Truth,” during which he raps, “Go dig your partner up, n***a, bet he can’t say sh*t.” Leftside responded to the shocking moment saying, “Boy that n***a disrespectful asf and Jeezy boy I’m upset with you cuzz.”

Clearly, Jeezy decided to prioritize reconciliation over everything else when he stepped onto the stage for this historical moment in hip hop.