Aidonia Chase Papers In New Video “Race Car” – Watch It

Aidonia delivers his new video, “Race Car.”

Dancehall artiste and Epican brand ambassador Aidonia is very much concerned with stacking his money, and he is not talking about a small sum. Many people would see 1 billion dollars as something of a Holy Grail but not Aidonia. He instead wants the type of wealth that the “Holy Grail” rapper, Jay-Z has to his name. How does he plan to reap such benefits?

He’s already a brand ambassador and has been making music for close to 2 decades. Those are not turning out cash at a suitable pace, and therefore, he has set his eyes on a #MoneyHeist. It’s planned and executed to perfection, much like the visual direction from 20k Cinema for the music video. The track is produced by his very own 4th Genna Music and Gold Up Music, which ensures the loot stays within the circle.

You can view a snippet of the ‘wealth-worthy’ lyrics to ascertain just why the entertainer titled the song “Race Car.”

“Me move fast like a race car to the paper / If you no wa money see you later / When you gyal wa sitn how you gonna pay for,” Donia raps.

This is Aidonia’s second release in the space of a month. You can check out the music video below.