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Pop Smoke’s Murder Suspect Went On Instagram Live From Jail, Here’s The Viral Video

Pop Smoke’s accused killer is entertaining on Instagram Live from jail.

Is it me, or is incarceration not what it used to be? In some regard, maybe that’s a good thing. In this case, however, fans are questioning the effectiveness of the system after one of the men charged with Pop Smoke’s murder went live on Instagram this weekend. The accused killer, Corey Walker, was seen mopping floors in jail while listening to some NoCap and Rod Wave. He was casually dancing, singing along, and throwing up gang signs as he performed his chores in his cell before a live audience of thousands.

In the comment section of the live session, fans questioned why Walker allegedly killed Pop Smoke. Some berated him for the crime, while others wished him ill. All the while, Walker seemed indifferent to any ramifications of the fatal exploit and instead ignored the hate messages and addressed other viewers, some of whom he seemed to know well based on his language.

On social media, fans couldn’t help but point out how relaxed the compliance system was for the indicted killer with some questioning the effectiveness of serving time these days and its ability to reform. “This na got it made in jail thats why naz don’t give a fk about killin these days..sht crazy…you suppose to have it hard in jail damn near suffer this na don’t look like he having it hard or suffering to me,” one person said in a comment.

Pop Smoke was gunned down in his Los Angeles home earlier this year in February during what investigators say was a home invasion robbery. The New York rapper was killed a week after his mixtape, Meet The Woo 2 was released. After his death, 50 Cent adopted the 20-year-old rapper’s unfinished work and opted to executive produce his debut studio album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. The posthumous effort debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and even recently climbed back to the coveted spot in October.

Corey Walker was arrested along with four other suspects in connection with the execution of Pop Smoke. Two of the accused will be tried in juvenile court for robbery and murder. Walker and his co-accused, Keandre Rodgers, 18, were charged with murder during a robbery or burglary and are facing life in prison or the death penalty if they are convicted.