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Masicka’s “I Wish” Is The Most Emotional Dancehall Video Of The Year

Masicka’s news music video is getting high praise from dancehall fans.

Dancehall artiste Masicka has released a new song and music video and it is being received incredibly well. The track titled “I Wish” is all the rave with some fans already calling the visuals “Video of the Year.” Currently nearing 500K views since its debut on Saturday (Nov. 14), “I Wish” is still No. 1 on YouTube trending videos in Jamaica.

The dark-toned video sees Masicka portraying bloodshed and sacrifice as a metaphor before he re-enters the frame dressed in full white like a man reborn. The song touches on a myriad of topics including spirituality which is heavily depicted in the cinematic visuals. Masicka sings that he just “can’t believe in the Bible” he reads but interestingly enough, he also says he only trusts God.

“I wish / Mummy can you forgive me for living like this / Tell me yute dem forgive me for living like this / This I wish,” Masicka sings in the hook. “Reach fi the stars if mi miss mi ketch di cloud / Mummy seh di money nuh matter, you mek mi proud / Yeah mi have di Glock chip, mi badness loud / Yeah go s**k unu mada, yuh know mi chopstick loud / Stay true to mi self, nah watch dis crowd / Nor freak out mi self fi go lock this globe / Millionaire ina mi 20s, crack this code / P***y dem a gwaan like mi nuh attack this road.”

The deejay also talks about some deep topics like “burying” his old self and his conviction that he will live to see his grandkids grow up in spite of what he’s historically been told about his lifespan. He also mentions being numb to his feelings and his life moving too fast on this emotional track. The music video that has now gone viral was directed by RD Studios while “I Wish” is a Genahsyde/1syde Records production. Listen to Masicka pour his heart out.