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50 Cent Explains Why Pop Smoke Won’t Get A Grammy Nod Despite Album’s Success

50 Cent highly doubts that Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album will get a nod for a Grammy despite its success.

There is no denying that Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, is by far one of the most successful albums of this year. After opening with 251,000 equivalent album units moved along with 59,000 in pure sales, Pop Smoke easily copped a No. 1 debut in July. It’s also worth noting that very few artists have managed to achieve a No. 1 album after they’ve passed, but Pop Smoke was the latest rapper to earn the rare accolade.

The album also climbed to No. 1 for the second time in October. In August, Pop’s posthumous effort was certified Platinum with more than 1.5 billion streams in its honor.

50 Cent, who executive produced the album, has plenty of experience in the area, and he believes that the album will not get a Grammy nomination. During a discussion on Rap Caviar, the TV and music producer unpacked the Grammy’s vice with music like Pop Smoke’s. “If it’s recognized, it’ll only get recognized because he’s gone,” said Fifty about Pop Smoke’s album. “The content is similar to what I would do. They didn’t recognize mine. They gave me GRAMMYs when I was with Em. When I’m on records with Eminem. Other than that, they’re afraid to give him GRAMMYs because they think it’s teaching the audience to want to be like Pop. And to be like him is to be a part of gang culture.”

According to FIfty, it’s the kind of music that only fans can appreciate for its genuineness but not the kind that academies will always appreciate. “Who you see get GRAMMYs that is making Drill music? You mean to tell me ain’t none of those songs worthy of it?” he continued. “Those platforms are not for them to acknowledge. It’s for the culture, the people to embrace those tones and to really appreciate the artist for doing that.”

While Fifty may be right, do you think there is any chance the Grammys will surprise us with their nominations? After all, it will be quite noticeable and perhaps incite some outrage among fans if they snub arguably the biggest album of 2020.

Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a home invasion in February of this year at house he was renting in Hollywood Hills, CA.