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Mulatto Went Berserk After Getting A Nicki Minaj Co-sign

Mulatto is bouncing off the walls after Nicki Minaj called her “dope.”

XXL Freshman rapper Mulatto may be one of the female rappers we talk about now but not too long ago, she was a fan among the die-hard army that is the Barbz. Big Latto, as she dubs herself in her song “Muwop,” spoke about her devotion as a Nicki Minaj fan during a new interview, which went viral online. When fans tweeted Nicki the video, she reacted with kind words prompting Mulatto to feel super “fulfilled” as she says the Queen rapper is her inspiration.

Mulatto revealed in the interview that her dream collab would be with Nicki Minaj, who she has looked up to for years. “My baby Big Latto. Sending all that love right back. She’s dope,” Nicki wrote on Twitter in response to the video. The tweet began to circulate online rather quickly, and before long, Latto peeped it. The Ohio rapper was over the moon excited that Minaj publicly requited her love, and she reacted on social media with a bouncing enthusiasm that said nothing could top this moment for her.

“Who the f*ck cutting onion @nickiminaj QUEEN,” Mulatto captioned a screenshot of Nicki’s tweet. Later on Twitter, she explained what the Queen’s response meant to her. “Nah cause that sh*t mean the [world] to me fr y’all don’t understand I’m lost for words it may seem small to yall but Nicki is my f*cking inspiration since like 8 yrs old dawg I’m beyond fulfilled,” she wrote.

On Instagram Live, Mulatto explained that she was driving when she discovered the tweet and had to pull over real fast as she was no longer in control of her faculties. “When I found this I was not at f***king home. I had to skrrrt, I had to pull over ’cause my a** finna crash bout dis sh*t,” she explained. The rapper also admitted that she cried and requested that everyone puts that “Big” on her name from now on. “Y’all don’t know, I feel so fulfilled,” she added before likening the experience to dinner time after a long day of cooking.

Mulatto is on her way to becoming one of the most known female rappers in the game. She is the only woman who made the XXL Freshman Class of 2020, and already she has some noteworthy collaborations under her belt. Most recently, the rapper dropped a new single with 2 Chainz called “Quarantine Thick,” which arrived on the Atlanta rapper’s VEVO page on Thursday (Nov. 5) with accompanying visuals.

Do you think a Mulatto and Nicki Minaj collaboration is on the horizon?