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London On Da Track’s Baby Mama Says Summer Walker Is Pregnant With His Child

London On Da Track and Summer Walker

Summer Walker is pregnant per London On Da Track’s baby mama.

Word on the street is that R&B singer Summer Walker is currently carrying the child of her producer and ex-boyfriend London On Da Track. The latest claim is being echoed by one of London’s least favorite persons right now, one of his three baby mamas who have all recently taken him to court. London and Summer first caught the attention of their fans when they joined forces to create Walker’s breakout hit breakout project Over It.

The young power couple seemingly had the grit to become one of the power couples in the industry, or so it seemed. It wasn’t long until Summer Walker was landing cryptic and sometimes very open messages on social media about just how toxic their union was. The producer attempted to right his wrongs through lavish gestures, such as providing her with flowers and a cushy toy on stage or lacing her out with some fresh bling. Sadly, those gestures were just not enough to save the already failing relationship. Near the end of last month, she confirmed that she was indeed single, perhaps not ready to mingle. However, she was free.

“Officially single,” she wrote on her unofficial page. “Eventually you have to give some kind of a f__k about yourself. It’s the bare minimum for me.” As mentioned earlier, the two calling it quits is nothing new however, her last update felt very direct and to the point, in comparison to her previous.


Could it be that just before their breakup, London On Da Track blessed her with the most precious parting gift a woman could receive? Fans seem to believe so after analyzing a few key pieces of evidence.

One comes in the form of the singer’s body, with many stating that they have noticed her stomach protruding, which was definitely out of the ordinary. Sadly, this could be debunked as just overeating from the singer who has been staying in as a result of the deadly coronavirus. Others called out the recent wearing of extra baggy clothes as a possible sign, yet many may have forgotten that winter is just around the bend, and the chills have already started to creep in. Summer Walker has been recently linked with the goddess-like figure Erykah Badu, who also operates as a doula.


While one of her shining moments was with her working with singer Teyana Taylor in the delivery of her baby, many persons seemed to have forgotten that Badu is also a phenomenal singer and songwriter. This means that the recent meeting between Walker and Badu may have been purely musical. A post on her official Instagram page definitely points to such.


The last bit of evidence comes from Eboni Ivorii, one of London’s baby mamas. Both Summer and Eboni have been going at it since 2019, with many of the spats happening on social media. It makes sense that Eboni would also take to social media to allege that Summer has officially become the producer’s 4th baby mama.

“I said what I said,” Eboni wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Yeah Summer pregnant by a n***a putting his 3 baby moms on child support currently wit open cases.” Summer has been denying the month old allegations of being pregnant however, that’s truly not uncommon of celebs who are actually with child. Still, the source is indeed a bit off, especially following the last social media blowout which happened after Walker questioned why Future’s baby mama Eliza needed $53K a month in child support. “If You dont have kids dont speak on the subject,” was one of the standout lines from that squabble, if the rumors do turn out to be true, she now has all access to the conversation on being a baby mama and an ex of London On The Track.