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Cardi B Copes With Elections Anxiety By Smoking 3 Cigarettes At Once

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Cardi B light up three cigarettes at once to cope with her elections anxiety.

The stress of the ongoing American elections is getting to everyone, including celebrities. Rapper Cardi B is feeling it so much that she posted a video of herself smoking three cigarettes, not back to back but all at once! That’s the level of frustration the “Bodak Yellow” singer said she is feeling as she watched several states in the US turn red, which represents wins for the Republicans.

“How these elections got me watching these states turn red,” posted. The US election is much too close to call at this time, and experts believe it could take at least two more days before the final official result is announced. One source said military absentee votes won’t be counted until next week, which means the US is in for a long wait.

At this time no one can definitely say if Joe Biden will become the next President of the United States or if President Donald Trump will remain the President. The latest statistics indicate that Biden is holding a slight lead in the electoral college votes with him gradually gaining momentum in some key states like Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania but all the political gurus say it’s just too close and too early to call.

Cardi B has been an advocate for the democrats and spent a lot of time trying to encourage US citizens to vote. She has many outspoken views about the current President. Yesterday she let her fans know that she was up at 5 AM to cast her vote. Many Democrats believed that the elections would be a clean sweep in their favor, however, that turned out to be far from the reality.

Over 13 million of Cardi B fans agreed with her post, which shows just how frustrated many Americans are feeling right now without an official result.