Macka Diamond enters the fashion game with Si Mee Mackadoucious

Another female Dancehall star is jumping into the fashion game. Macka Diamond has launched her clothing line which is called Si Mee Mackadoucious. The line is expected to be a high-end one and she has teamed up with renowned Jamaican-born Vogue-featured fashion designer Rosemarie Macklin.

The Bun Him singer had several posts on Instagram leading up to the launch. When it officially happened, she posted a video to Instagram and said: “I’m so happy because I’ve been working on something for a long time now and it finally came through; all contracts signed, sealed and I’m ready.”

She added: “It’s coming in all different sizes…the only thing about this name and brand and fashion is that you won’t see it nowhere…it’s all custom made… You order, you give us at least two weeks, and you’ll get your package with your beautiful style.”

In another post, she shows off one of the pieces which she said she wore to come through the airport. She said: “ I wore this one tru the airport and felt warm and safe @simeemackadoucious is ready for the new norm all my fans in cold weather I got you go follow @simeemackadoucious @simeecollections @streetcredja made to order custom designs only.”

Macklin has become a prominent name in fashion in both Las Vegas and California area. She was born in Kingston, her father is reggae legend Glenmore Brown and her mother, who she credits for her career, is Jamaican culinary chef Tulice Wray. She is well respected in the fashion arena.

She left Jamaica when she was a child and moved to England, with her family. While there she studied European history and began cultivating an interest in period pieces in fashion. She also notes that she was encouraged by her aunt who was a successful model.

Diamond joins her compatriot Spice, who also recently launched a fashion line called Graci Noir.