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City Girls’ JT Claps Back At Lil Uzi Vert For Posting Selfie Of Them Together

City Girls’ JT responds to Lil Uzi Vert posting a photo of them together following their social media beef.

Lil Uzi Vert still has us guessing about him and JT, or perhaps the two of them has use guessing about each other. One of the biggest mysteries of the year has been whether the City Girl rapper and Baby Pluto have been hooking up. The pair have left enough clues to keep their fans guessing but have yet to confirm all those suspicions. The two have skirted around the issue in multiple interviews, with JT even asked outright by The Breakfast Club if she and Uzi are, or had, been a thing.

In September, the other half of the City Girls, Yung Miami, seemed to give the game away when she playfully tagged the “20 Min” rapper in an Instagram video of JT twerking. It came just days after someone posted a photo of Uzi and JT sharing a kiss, even though the Philly artist denied there being anything romantic about it, claiming that JT was a fan who had asked for a kiss and that he was high, so he obliged.

The two gave those on social media even more food for thought this weekend when Baby Pluto posted a mirror selfie of himself and the “Jobs” rapper on the ‘gram before quickly deleting it. Yung Miami laughed at the accidental upload, but her City Girls partner was not impressed. “That picture is old,” JT declared on Twitter. “Let it go.”

JT’s reaction follows some angry tweets that she posted last week that many figured had been directed at Uzi. “I rather drink glass then to ever f*** with that f*** boy again” she wrote without mentioning names. “I was so real he thought I was regular & he was the cute one.”

Someone alert Netflix because it looks like this is still classified as an unsolved mystery.