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JT Savagely Disses Lil Uzi Vert On Twitter Over Their Breakup

JT of the City Girls is being accused of shading Lil Uzi Vert in her recent tweets.

It’s still hard to tell if the two had been in a full-blown relationship. However, there was definitely something brewing between the two entertainers. By the looks of things, whatever there was as now gone eerily wrong. The 1/2 of the Miami female hip hop duo took to Twitter to air out her feelings through a number of tweets people immediately linked to the Eternal Atake rapper.

“I rather drink glass then to ever f**k with that f**k boy again,” she said. That was followed by the “Act Up” deejay asking to be left alone. “I was so real he thought I was regular & he was the cute one,” she continued. “Leave me TF alone.”

A few hours later, she said, “One thing about me ima block you & everybody you know cause find you somebody to play with….ugly!”

The truth is that it’s still unclear who the rapper is referring to him her tweets. It didn’t stop Uzi from bearing the brunt of the heat from her fans, who are of the belief that he mistreated her. Both JT and Uzi have mentioned each other in song, and during interviews, which is all the indication some fans need to confirm a romance existed between them.

It seems JT is moving past the love she had for the one who did her wrong. She is now looking to find solace in the embrace of another player who happens to be Saweetie’s dad Johnny Harper, who played for San Jose State.