I-Octane’s 11-year-old daughter Octavia Makes Strong Dancehall Debut With “Escape”

I-Octane’s daughter Octavia is one of the newest faces of the next generation of dancehall.

11-year-old daughter Octavia, real name Ashiek Muiris, is proving that she is a chip off the old block. She has also proven that she has what it takes to get noticed in the genre following her release on October 19 called Escape featuring Banxx. The song is on the Liquid Sunshine rhythm.

The song is well-produced and the beat is catchy. Fans have already approved her debut tune as it’s been viewed over 23 000 times on Youtube. Octavia has shared that she was always into wordplay and began writing poems and songs since she was just about five years old. I-Octane recognized his daughter’s talents from an early age and decided to give her a push in the direction of Dancehall.

By the sounds of Escape, she has a bright future in the business. “I chose the name ‘Octavia’. My daddy had finished his studio, and I said I wanted to be an artiste like him, so I robbed his name, took the Oct- and then added ‘avia’, so I am the female version of Octane,” she told Loop Jamaica.

Even though her father wanted her to make music about more childlike issues, she decided she wanted to address more pertinent issues like the environment and getting life skills. She also said that she wants to help people understand through her music that money can’t buy happiness and that a person’s focus should be on dealing with their issues. She added that attitude could be applied when facing big issues in school.

Octavia attends Kemet Maasai Academy in Portmore and hopes to continue following her passion for music there. She got a great start as the rhythm she rides in the song has also been used by popular deejay Dexta Daps and others.

She also shared about her love for performing on stage and said she realized how much she loved it after getting a taste with her father on shows like St Ann Kite Fest, Portland Jerkfest, and Rebel Salute. If all goes well, she will drop a six-song EP in 2021.