Foota Hype Says Koffee Disrespected Buju Banton In New Video & Buju ‘Need Help’

Foota Hype has a bone to pick with Buju Banton.

Controversial Dancehall selector Foota Hype believes that rising sensation Koffee disrespected Buju Banton in the video for “Pressure” because she added some subliminal messages that may indicate that Buju approves of the LGBTQ community. Known for his eye-raising comments Foota Hype, whose real name is Oneil Ricardo Thomas, was speaking on Suhvyva Godcast. He also said that he believes the Gargamel is in need of guidance, and he would like to provide it to him.

In fact, he named the video: “Buju Banton Needs Help And I Am Going To Help Him.” Hype said that he noticed in the “Pressure” video that they showed clips from protests around the world and that one of the images included the rainbow flag. This, he said, is a disrespect to Banton, who he added has not been himself since his release from jail about two years ago.

“Di song weh yuh do wid Koffee is OK, but di video spark awareness inna my brain. Because there are a lot of red flags in that video where a Buju Banton is concerned. Inna di video, dem obviously disrespect Buju, becaw dem have protest a show, protest all over di world, but dem a show yuh protest wid a big gay flag inna di protest,” he said.

He added: “dis is Buju Banton, one of di major anti-gay activist. We now have him in a video wid dis.” He even questioned why Banton would collaborate with Koffee as he had so many options, including his sons Marcus or Jahliel. He also described various parts of the video which showed gay couples with families and said that was not what Banton should be about. Foota added that he felt he was pressured into doing the video and may have been doing it to try and get back good with US authorities so that he could get back a visa. It’s because of these perceived red flags that he said Banton may have lost him as a fan.

Foota also said that Banton was probably surrounded by people who don’t know how to advise him because they are fearful of him. This he added, is what was causing the Untold Stories singer to make poor decisions. While admitting that he idolizes Banton, he said he firmly believes that the deejay is battling between pleasing his business side and his personal views.

He proceeded to berate his followers for not listening to him in the first place as he claimed that he had already said everything that Banton said in the controversial Instagram video, which has since been deleted. He added that the fact that Banton was selling masks on his website while advocating against them showed that the artist was indeed in conflict. He said that Banton was “dying inside.”

Foota then said that if Banton continues, he would lose everything because he was “chosen” and should follow his calling. He described Banton as “submissive.”

“Righteousness make you rich,” he continued. He called on the deejay to be strong and to continue to stand up for what he believes in.