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NBA YoungBoy Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Pistol-Whipped Man

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is potentially facing some new legal trouble.

Drama certainly seems to follow NBA Youngboy around, and this time it is coming in the form of an assault investigation following an alleged attack in the garage of a studio. According to TMZ, a spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas confirmed that a task force is considering NBA and a few of his affiliates suspects after a man was allegedly beaten up by the group in Katy, Texas.

The man claims he and his girlfriend met with Youngboy at the studio on October 5th and that the girlfriend was turned away after being told that women weren’t allowed in. The alleged victim claims that it was shortly after he entered the garage of the studio that he was jumped, had a bag placed over his head, and was severely beaten before being pistol-whipped.

Additionally, sources told the site that the man claims to have seen NBA Youngboy in the room after the bag was removed and also told law enforcement that he spotted a body bag in the room with them. He alleges that he asked what the bag was for and was told that he was going to be put inside of it. It was at this point that NBA allegedly received a call from his manager and was heard saying, “I got him here.” The man says that NBA’s manager told him to release the alleged victim, stating that he had only recently beat a court case and didn’t need any more trouble with the law.

The unknown man then claimed that he was dropped back off at his house and later driven to the hospital by his mother and girlfriend. Sources say that the alleged victim suffered several cuts and bruises but no serious or life-threatening injuries. There have yet to be any arrests in this case as law enforcement continues to investigate and look for a motive.