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Joyner Lucas Explains The “Snitch (Evolution)” In New Video, Reveals ‘Evolution’ Album Tracklist

Joyner Lucas explains both sides of snitching in his new video “Snitch (Evolution).”

Hip hop’s snitch culture was seemingly infiltrated sometime around October 2019, when Tekashi 6ix9ine ratted out his fellow gang members. While that incident was possibly not the only case of snitching, it was one of the most highly publicized cases. Since then, there are have numerous discussions surrounding when is it right or wrong to snitch and how the community should address you after doing so. There have been arguments supporting the act on certain levels and others who still completely denounce it. Famed and talented rapper Joyner Lucas explores the topic with another perfectly executed track and video titled “Snitch (Evolution).”

The video opens up with one person of a possible crew of 4 being interrogated for information by two hardpressed detectives. The detainee has a tough decision to make, does he save himself and offer up his friends, or keep his mouth shut and hopes that his crew does the same. This is where Joyner Lucas steps in with something of an Eminem and Dr. Dre “Guilty Conscience” remake, as he plays both sides of the detainee’s conscience; with each giving argument to support their stance.

Peep an exert of the brilliant exchange below. “Man f**k that ‘make it right sh_t,’ you gotta sit, do your bid / You should’ve thought about this sh_t, before you did what you did / Give a f**k about your family or your b__ch or your kids / You either gon’ respect the code or your gon’ get what you give,” Lucas raps.

The counter-argument goes as follows. “Who gives a f__k about the codes? No one follow codes / We both know that jail ain’t the place you wanna go / Somebody f__kin’ on your b**ch, you tryna call her phone / If I was you I’d tell them boys everything they wanna know.”

The video perfectly outlines each scenario while showing the pitfalls of taking the deal. “Now you might be free but you might killed for givin’ up information,” he raps.

Less than a year after dropping his album, ADHD, Joyner Lucas is prepping another project, Evolution. The 13-track album will see appearances from Rick Ross, Ashanti, The Game, and more. Check out the tracklist below.

Evolution tracklist.

1. “When I Grow Up (Intro)”
2. “Evolution”
3. “On This Way” feat. The Game and Iyla
4. “Things I’ve Seen”
5. “Zim Zimma”
6. “Tattle Tales (Skit)”
7. “Snitch”
8. “Str8 Like Dat”
9. “Fall Slowly” feat. Ashanti
10. “The Problem”
11. “Legend” feat. Rick Ross
12. “Father’s Day (Skit)”
13. “Like a River” feat. Elijah James