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Joyner Lucas Drops New Album “ADHD” Listen It

Fans of Joyner Lucas have been quite patient as they await new music from the rapper, specifically his album ADHD.

The wait is finally over with Joyner Lucas dropped the project only moments ago. The “I’m Not Racist” rapper who hails from Worcester, Massachusetts, has been seen as one of the pioneers in today’s new rap culture, as he tackles new topics such as homophobia while keeping his flow gangster, dropping bars after bars of hard-hitting lyrics.

ADHD comes through with 18 tracks, comprising of 4 skits, seven previously released tracks, with the remainder being new music. There is actually a reason behind this move, as Lucas explained while speaking to Zane Lowe, “There was a lot of business stuff that ended up happening with me transitioning off the label and becoming independent.” Lucas had previously been signed to Atlantic Records, however, severed ties with the record label in 2019.

Joyner Lucas did mention that he will make up for lost times, “What I decided was in 2020 I was gonna be one of the most consistent artists. Due to dropping incrementally and the frustration from a lot of people.” This means that while fans have already bumped “Devil’s Work,” “Revenge,” “ADHD,” “10 Bands,” “I Love,” “Isis,” and “Broke and Stupid,” there should be a follow-up project to quench his fans thirst for new music.

While the album still packs a punch, fans were disappointed that his controversial track “What If I Was Gay,” which features Detroit legend Eminem, did not make the cut. Based on Joyner’s account, we could see it landing on a future since he has decided to drop two additional bodies of work for 2020.