Jaz Elise And Govana Are Out “Fresh and Clean” In New Visual

Jaz Elise taps Govana for “Fresh and Clean.”

The Purple Queen Jaz Elise ensured everyone kept things squeaky clean for the better half of 2019 with her fun audio release “Fresh and Clean.” However, things just got a whole lot ‘fresher and cleaner’ with the release of the remix and music video, which features a man known for his cleanliness, his association with wicked man Chris, and for possessing a lot of money.

Govana once confessed to bathing with a bit of detergent to maintain his freshness. However, on this track, he deejays following lyrics, all while putting on a brilliant visual performance: “Fresh from birth from me step pon earth, Louis V shoes straight from Antwerp, well dress-suit, well dress bad shirt, when we go out, 3 cologne inna concert / A so the don work nuff money man worth / talk to me after you talk to me bank clerk,” The 4th Genna/Strike Force talent sings.

Jaz Elise recently spoke to The Fader, where she expressed her thought process behind “Fresh & Clean.”
She said, “The song is about working towards your dreams and allowing yourself to be free, unapologetic, and grateful. Go to your full potential and be your happiest self.”

As for the vibrant and fun music video directed by Dezignr Studios, Elise explains, “It tells a beautiful story of a little boy who has a dream to learn how to ride a bicycle; he was in a situation where it didn’t seem possible & he found a way to just make it happen. The video was just the perfect visual to show people in their element.”

Pastel-colored suits are the order of the day not only for Govi and Elise but also for dancehall artist Chi Ching Ching and Protoje, who both stopped by for their cameo appearances. The story also features talented pro-skater/surfer Shama the Superman.

Elise recently cemented herself as one of the top female reggae acts in the business when she signed to Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation Collective, which boasts a joint deal with Six Course, and RCA Records.

Go ahead and check out the brand new video below.