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Ice Cube Explains Why He’s Working For Trump Campaign Amid Twitter Backlash

Ice Cube has coughed up an explanation why he’s working with the Trump campaign after getting heavy backlash on Twitter.

In our lifetimes, there has perhaps existed no other president who has stoked racial divisions and earned the support of white supremacists as much or as often as Donald Trump. However, it seems this behavior did not stop Ice Cube from getting involved with the Trump campaign to help build a platform based on a series of promises to attract the support of Black Americans. On Tuesday, Trump advisor Katrina Pierson thanked the West Coast icon on Twitter, writing, “Shoutout to @icecube for his willingness to step up and work with @realDonaldTrump Administration to help develop the #PlatinumPlan.”

According to multiple sources, the plan Pierson is referring to is a new Trump platform supposedly aimed at addressing the needs and concerns of Black people in America.

Ice Cube quickly confirmed his involvement, tweeting, “Facts: I put out the CWBA.” Cube went on to explain that he was in talks with both parties about their commitment to the so-called “Contract with Black America,” drafted by Cube himself, who explained that the Democrats promised to discuss the plan after the election, while the Trump campaign was willing to make immediate adjustments to their platform.

The West Coast rap icon has been known to withhold his support for Democratic politicians in the past, arguing that neither party has proven that they are genuinely looking out for the good of Black communities in America.

While Ice Cube’s skepticism is more than justified, his public willingness to work with the Trump campaign will undoubtedly be used as “evidence” that the Trump administration is not racist, despite the perpetuation of racist policies and dog whistle rhetoric that consistently empowers white supremacists. Critics have called the move irresponsible, suggesting that Cube’s actions will be misconstrued as an endorsement and may influence the many hip hop fans that idolize him. Additionally, those who have paid attention to the words and actions of the Trump administration know that a promise coming from such a corrupt organization means little to nothing in terms of concrete change.

Here are some of the tweets from some of Ice Cube fans.