Teejay Gets Revenged In Grimey New Visual “Who You”

Teejay dropped another new single and music video.

The Uptop Boss has been dropping off consistent bangers this season, and his latest addition is a grimey gangster track called “Who You.” Teejay’s new single arrived on Monday (Oct. 12) with brand new visuals. “Which p***y feel dem bad? / Like dem drink a spoil Eggnog / Double row clip a extension / Press up di glock and wet it pon dem / Next month yuh know a bwoy a bury / Nuh mek mi buk yuh pon di crossway or pon di ferry,” Teejay warns in the pre-chorus.

The video directed by Bling Blang was shot in the States and saw Teejay returning an order to put out a hit on his caucasian opps. The job is carried out by a party of women who pull up on the man giving orders to take out Teejay unexpectedly and eliminate him in his own home.

“32 clip / Hollow fill di two chip / Head a bounce like when mi buk di music / Rifle clip long like seh it is a school trip / Di 9 mi use it,” he deejays in the verse. “Mi nuh care a who yuh shot a fly thru yuh / Watch di 19 a erase out everything a fi unu / Dawg dem a rottweiler, none a dem nuh poodle / Dem badness soft up, dem a mussi noodle,” Teejay sings in the chorus.

The visuals incorporate shots of Teejay’s motorcycle clan brandishing their weapons, as they await their female counterparts who arrive in a black Mercedes Benz. Teejay is also clad in black pants, a hooded sweater, and chains as he performs the song. He wouldn’t be the Uptop Boss if he didn’t entertain with jovial dance moves along the way but the video takes a deadly turn when Teejay fires a barrage of shots at his opps in the end.

“Who You” was produced by Natural Bond Ent while the video was shot and edited by Shot by Shak.