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Meek Mill Forgot He Was A Huge Celebrity When Asked About Nicki Minaj Baby

Meek Mill is still being asked about his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Philly rapper Meek Mill is pretty high up on the food chain when it comes to his status as a celebrity, plus he has a fair share of drama to his name. Both these qualities make him a hot commodity in the world of the paparazzi. However, it seems the Philadephia native forgot all about this when he was stepping through the California streets a day ago. He was quickly reminded when he was bombarded by rapid camera flashes and some quite abrasive questions.

With questions flying from all angles, Meek Mill jokingly said, “I forgot I was a celebrity until you came at me.” Mind you, Meek was under the guard of his security team, while also keeping his health in check by wearing a face mask.

One reporter asked the rapper about his thoughts on the fact that his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj and her husband recently welcomed their first little one into the world. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had been friends before they started dating in 2015, but before the year was over, they had called their relationship quits. The years following their breakup have not been good to their friendship, with Nicki accusing Meek of being a woman beater, which he denied. Things almost got physical earlier this year, when Meek ran into Nicki Minaj and her husband at a Hollywood clothing store.

As for the questions from the paparazzi, the “Lord Knows” rapper shunned ever single one. However, when a reporter asked him how could he forget he was a celebrity, he said took the opportunity to send shout-outs to his family.

“Tell my grandmama I said what up,” he told them. “Make sure y’all put this on TV.”

Meek Mill has become a household name in the entertainment media, regularly making headlines for his strong opinions, which he usually shares on social media, more specifically Twitter.